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We are a catering equipment supplier based in Manchester with over 30 years experience in the commercial catering industry.

We offer the biggest selection of commercial catering equipment at the UKs lowest prices. You can find over 26,000 products on our website and we hold huge stocks of products in Manchester city centre for immediate next day delivery nationwide. Come and visit us!

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UK Catering Equipment Supplier

When it comes to starting or expanding your catering company, choosing the right catering equipment supplier is essential. Whether you are looking for Catering Equipment Liverpool, Catering Equipment Bradford, or Catering Equipment Leeds, fits your needs. We offer catering sinks, pizza preparation counters and everything in between, but choosing the right catering equipment supplier could mean the difference between long-lasting, quality products and a bad investment. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a catering equipment supplier:

Price factor for Catering Equipment

One of the biggest factors for your next purchase should be the price itself. While this seems like an obvious thing to consider, the important thing to remember here is that you should be finding a catering equipment supplier than offers value with each purchase not necessarily extremely cheap products. If you only look for the lowest price, you may find that the equipment you receive does not last long. We here at believe that Balancing affordability and durability is crucial.

Selection and Supply

When looking for a catering equipment supplier, it is best to choose a company who not only has a lot of stock on hand (you do not want to have to spend the extra time it takes for them to special order your equipment from a manufacturer), they should also have a large selection of products available. As your company grows you should develop a business relationship with your supplier so having a company supplies everything from a bottle cooler, Catering Sink, pie warmers to a Commercial Pizza Oven will allow you to use a single supplier for all of your needs.


Catering Equipment delivery to Liverpool, Bradford, Leeds, and most areas.

Getting your equipment delivered is also extremely important. With a large, heavy item such as a commercial pizza oven you want to make sure you get delivery and installation at an affordable rate. Trying to transport it yourself can be expensive and without proper installation you could risk ruining the warranty and damaging your new equipment. It doesn't matter if your company is in Liverpool, Bradford, Leeds, or other parts of the UK because we will delivery to almost anywhere.


If something does go wrong with your equipment, it does not work in your space, or it is simply not the right piece of equipment for the job you need, having a catering equipment supplier that will work with you on replacements and pickups can be a life saver. Some suppliers charge restocking fees for certain items, so finding a supplier with low fees can help save on costs if replacements or returns are necessary.

Ultimately, a great catering equipment supplier is not just looking for a single sale; they are looking for long term business from a catering company. Remember, finding a supplier that has a wide range of products, a great return policy, and affordable rates are a few key factors that make a supplier worth using.