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Running a Bar is never easy. However We make it easy to find the catering equipment that you need for your Bar. We have narrowed down the equipment that will help your Bar run smoothly.

Starting a new Bar? Call us for expert advise on 0333 3443 979 and we can help build your list of equipment, design your new kitchen, or even help to finance your new Bar.

All our Bar Equipment

Bravilor Bonamat U900

Airpots & Labels

Magrini GF963

Baby Changing

Bonzer GD694

Bar Board & Cover

Jantex GC977

Bar Cleaning Products

Vogue CD271

Bar Ice Scoop


Bar Mats

Beaumont CK509

Bar Pourers & Storers

Arcoroc CG154

Beer Glasses

Grunwerg GM299

Beverage Accessories


Bottle Chillers & Wine Coolers

King SLV250

Bottle Coolers & Beer Fridges

Vacu-vin CC195

Bottle Sealers

Olympia K487

Bottle Stands & Brackets

Arcoroc GG883

Branded Glasses


Brandy and Sherry Glasses

Scot Young CC083

Brooms, Mop Heads & Handles

Jantex CD502

Buckets & Washing Up Bowls

Olympia GL647


Beaumont CC181

Cellar Equipment

Chef & Sommelier CM719

Champagne Glasses

Jantex DN843

Cleaning Cloths



Burnguard GG750

Cloths & Gloves

Bonzer GH470

Cocktail Accessories

Bonzer GM211

Cocktail Muddlers

APS S766

Cocktail Shakers

Arcoroc CJ330

Coffee Glasses

DeLonghi GN709

Coffee Machines


Cold Drinks Dispensers


Commercial Glasswashers

San Jamar DM114

Condiment Dispensers

Olympia D866

Corkscrews & Bottle Openers

Darts and Dartboards

Kristallon J911

Dessert and Sundae Glasses

Jantex Pro GM980

Detergent & Rinseaid

Fama MG13

Drink Blenders


Drip Trays

Jantex GK873

Dustpan & Brush

Jantex CK946

Floor Care

Jantex L416

Floor Signs

Brillo GH491

Glass Cleaners


Glass Rimmers

Jantex GD151

Glass Scrubbers

Beaumont D824

Glass Stacking Mats

Olympia GM581

Glass Storage



Olympia CE307

Glassware Racks

Dyson GE900

Hand Dryers

Olympia CK932

Hi Balls and Tumblers

Olympia CK824

Ice Buckets & Crushers

niceice N25

Ice Cube Makers and Flakers


Ice Moulds & Tongs

Craven GG137

Janitorial Carts & Trolleys

Artis GL161

Jugs and Carafes

Olympia CK939

Juice Dispensers


Juice Squeezers

Fama MG13


Olympia E290

Menus & Boards

Fama MT1D

Milkshake Blenders

Fama B1

Franco's U719

Mixes, Purees & Syrups

Bonzer GD689

Mixing Spoons

Jantex S222

Mop Buckets & Wringers


Name Badges

Jantex L382

Organisers & Caddies

Kristallon DP239

Plastics Glasses

Kristallon C162

Service Trays


Shot and Cocktail Glasses

Rubbermaid GL020

Slim Step Bins


Soap & Soap Dispensers

Modena TSK

Soup Kettles

Olympia F987

Speed Rails

Bonzer D478

Spirit Dispensers & Measures

Fama B1

Bonzer CY054


Plastico DF153


Jantex L680

Swing Bins

Fama B1


Tea Towels


Tip Trays

Jantex Y195

Toilet Cleaning Tools

Jantex GH188

Toilet Rolls & Towel Dispenser

Fama B1

Numatic M975

Vacuum Cleaners & Pressure Washers

Jantex Pro CK945

Washroom Cleaning Products

EasyClean ET104

Waste Bins

Lincat EB3FX

Water Boilers


Wheelie Bins

Bonzer GD670

Wine & Champagne Buckets

Polar CE217

Wine Coolers

Chef & Sommelier CM715

Wine Glasses