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Keep your business ready for any size crowd by shopping EasyEquipment for all of your front and back-of-house catering supplies and equipment. Our low prices and bulk buying power will save you money and help you serve your customers better. We also offer incredibly fast shipping, so you can be confident your orders will arrive in Leicester on time to keep you busy!

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Leicester catering equipment supplier

A restaurant or catering company earns its reputation by its exceptional hospitality and delicious cuisines. Most of these companies depend on quality Leicester catering equipment suppliers to create their wonderful dishes. This is where we, at Easy Equipment, comes in. We search high and low from name brands that create quality restaurant and Leicester catering equipment. We have become a leading Leicester catering equipment supplier because of the care we take bringing you top-notch kitchen equipment.  Many catering equipment suppliers tend to specialize in only one type of certain kitchen equipment such as refrigeration or crockery, whereas we attempt to cover all Leicester catering supplies in every aspect of your catering needs. You will notice our vast supplies of restaurant or catering equipment by looking around our website.

Who needs Leicester catering equipment?

Some of the main sectors requiring catering equipment could be grouped as; restaurants, pubs, bars, non-profit, caterers, local authorities, hospitals and schools. This is by no means a definitive list even though; most businesses need Leicester catering supplies of some type even if it is just mugs for an office. Even homeowners buy catering equipment for family’s get-togethers, and dinner parties. If you have enough functions, why rent, when you can own your own Leicester catering equipment. You will end up saving money this way.

Traditionally catering equipment has usually been sold by local dealers in the midst of warehouses and showrooms and even trade shows. However, many shoppers fail to realize there is a large cost overhead, and stores mark up the prices to compensate for these “overhead prices”. Employees, electricity, building rent, etc. can ad up. This is why it is best to buy online from a Leicester catering equipment supplier like us, Easy Equipment. We don’t have that overhead and is why we created our website. The only thing we don’t slack on is customer service. Were proud of our support team and hope you get to experience our customer service.

Leicester catering supplies  

The costliest investment a person can make in their restaurant or catering kitchen is the dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, and stove. This is why it is important to shop around online to find a great price. No worries though as we checked out our competitors to save you the time of searching for the lowest price here on our website. However, a lot of our competitors don’t carry all the Leicester catering supplies you will need. We carry over 23,000 brand name products, including small wares, cooking equipment, catering supplies, janitorial products, and catering disposables. Too many to list here, but we made it easy to search around our website with menu’s that break down into categories to make searching for what you need hassle free. Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you have any questions please ask.

I have not been able to find this product anywhere in Leicester and at this brilliant price!

Harry (Leicester)