Shop For Pizza & Kebab

Running a Pizza & Kebab is never easy. However We make it easy to find the catering equipment that you need for your Pizza & Kebab. We have narrowed down the equipment that will help your Pizza & Kebab run smoothly.

Starting a new Pizza & Kebab? Call us for expert advise on 0333 3443 979 and we can help build your list of equipment, design your new kitchen, or even help to finance your new Pizza & Kebab.

All our Pizza & Kebab Equipment


Aeroburn Burns Kit

Magrini GF963

Baby Changing

Burco CTBM01

Bain Maries

Jantex GE789

Bin Bags

Brabantia GG174


Lincat IH3

Boiling Hobs

King SLV250

Bottle Coolers & Beer Fridges

Bonzer K393

Can Openers

Lincat SV1212

Extraction Canopies

Casio GH585

Cash Registers

Vogue CM089

Catering & Burns First Aid Kit


Catering First Aid Kits

Vogue L835

Catering Health & Safety Signs


Chefs Knives

Tefcold GM600SS

Chest Freezers

Hygiplas F155

Chopping Boards

DeLonghi GN709

Coffee Machines

King L7150F.HD

Commercial Freezers

Polar CL108

Commercial Fridges

Panasonic NEC1275

Commercial Microwaves


Condiments & Sauces

Dualit GF335

Convection Ovens

Vogue K973


JM_Posner CL272

Crepe Machines

Fama MG13

Drink Blenders

Afinox BRONZE-3

Drop In Units

Bolero GH058

Entrance Mats


Eyewash Bottle Dispenser Kits

Kristallon DP213

Fast Food Trays


Fine Ribbed Rubber Matting


Fingertip Mats


Fire Safety Signs

Vogue W315

First Aid Signs

Eazyzap S630

Fly Killers


Food & Plate Warmers

Olympia GG925

Food Containers


Food Display

Fama TGI12

Food Graters

Vogue CK893

Food Labels & Storage

Fama B10

Food Preparation

Deglon Sabatier AE079

Food Preparation

Kenwood GN674

Food Processors

JM_Posner CP736

Fryers and Chip Scuttles

Buffalo AE307

Gantries Chefs Pass & Heat Lamps

Rubbermaid F575

Gastronorm Containers

Mapa CF623


Modena CG6



Grip-Fast Non-Slip Tape

Vogue L903

Guidance Posters

Dyson GE900

Hand Dryers

Vogue Y912

Hazard Warning Signs

Parry HOT1812BM

Hot Cupboards, Pedestals & Plate Warmers

Modena HDSS

Hot Dog and Hamburger Equipment

Crystal CK647

Ice Cream Displays

Olympia CK939

Juice Dispensers

Fama MG13



Kebab Doner Grills

Dualit GF334

Kitchen Food Blenders


Kitchen Mats

Olympia GG047

Magnets & Magnetic Boards

Bolero GH058

Mats & Flooring

Vogue J436

Meat Mincers

Modena SL195

Meat Slicers - Food Slicers

Olympia E290

Menus & Boards

Modena FP1

Milkshake Blenders

Fama B1

Vogue L964

No Smoking Signs


Pastry & Baking


Pizza Base Dough Rollers

OXO D753

Pizza Cutters

Modena MP2

Pizza Ovens

Vogue GE196

Pizza Pans

Vogue F036

Pizza Peels

Vogue F011

Pizza Screens

Vogue F026

Pizza Stacking Racks


Plasters & Dressings


Potato Baking Ovens

Tellier D463

Potato Chippers


Potato Peelers

Bolero Y188

Public Information Signs

Bolero CF135


Jantex DP206

Rubber Fatigue Relief Mat


Rubber Paving Tile Matting


Rubber Safe Lock Mat

Wrapmaster GH029

Sealing & Wrapping

Vogue L835

Signs & Display


Slip-Stop Anti Fatigue Matting


Soap & Soap Dispensers

Modena TSK

Soup Kettles


Standard First Aid Kits

Fama FM250VF200

Stick Blenders

Fama B1

Fama B1

Franke DP904

Tables Sinks & Shelves

Easy HOT3G

Takeaway & Cafe Counters

Dualit L139


Jantex GH188

Toilet Rolls & Towel Dispenser

Vogue CL196

Vacuum Packing Machines


Vegetable Cutters & Prep Machines

Dualit J449

Waffle Machines


Water Boilers