Shop For Nursing Home

Running a Nursing Home is never easy. However We make it easy to find the catering equipment that you need for your Nursing Home. We have narrowed down the equipment that will help your Nursing Home run smoothly.

Starting a new Nursing Home? Call us for expert advise on 0333 3443 979 and we can help build your list of equipment, design your new kitchen, or even help to finance your new Nursing Home.

All our Nursing Home Equipment

Rubbermaid CM102

Air Fresheners

Chef Works A923


Bolero CC503

Artificial Plants

Rowlinson CG090

Artificial Plants and Planters

Bolero C539

Ashtrays & Cigarette Bins

Magrini GF963

Baby Changing

Burco CTBM01

Bain Maries

Mitre Comfort GW406


Bolero L367

Bathroom and Bedroom Bins

Mitre Essentials GT851


Jantex GE789

Bin Bags

Brabantia GG174



Catering Footwear

Buff A283

Chefs Clothing


Chefs Knives

Tefcold GM600SS

Chest Freezers


Chicken Rotisseries

Jantex GC977

Cleaning Chemicals

Elite Lockers CF492

Cloakroom Equipment

Burnguard GG750

Cloths & Gloves

DeLonghi GN709

Coffee Machines

Lincat OSCWE61

Combination Ovens

King L7150F.HD

Commercial Freezers

Polar CL108

Commercial Fridges

Dualit GF335

Convection Ovens

Vogue K973


Athena Hotelware CF370


Abert GC657


Fama MG13

Drink Blenders

Vogue CK893

Food Labels & Storage

Fama B10

Food Preparation

Kenwood GN674

Food Processors

JM_Posner CP736

Fryers and Chip Scuttles

Bourgeat K085

Gastronorm Containers


Glass and Dishwashers



Dyson GE900

Hand Dryers

Bolero CD157

Hanging Baskets

Parry HOT1812BM

Hot Cupboards, Pedestals & Plate Warmers

Caterlite CK670

Irons and Ironing Boards

Craven GG137

Janitorial Carts & Trolleys

Jantex S222

Janitorial Equipment

Olympia CK939

Juice Dispensers

Fama MG13


Caterlite L077


Dualit GF334

Kitchen Food Blenders

Belling CW520

Laundry Equipment


Linen Trucks

Elite Lockers GJ780

Lockers & Key Cabinets

Jantex S222

Mop Buckets & Wringers

Jantex L382

Organisers & Caddies




Soap & Soap Dispensers


Staff Uniforms

Fama FM250VF200

Stick Blenders

Franke DP904

Tables Sinks & Shelves

Jantex Y195

Toilet Cleaning Tools

Jantex GH188

Toilet Rolls & Towel Dispenser

Belling CW520

Tumble Dryers

Numatic M975

Vacuum Cleaners & Pressure Washers

Vogue CL196

Vacuum Packing Machines


Vegetable Cutters & Prep Machines

Belling CW516

Washing Machines

Rubbermaid CM102

Washroom Products