Setting up a commercial kitchen can be a daunting prospect, especially when you have to consider everything from the larger commercial fridges, freezers, cookers and dishwashers etc. to all the smaller items that are essential to the smooth running of any kitchen like pot, pans, bowls and utensils etc.

When setting up a commercial kitchen youare making an investment, putting your hard earned money into a business you love, so choosing the right company to go with can make a huge difference. At EasyEquipment we have everything you could ever need to completely fit out your kitchen at prices that are extremely competitively priced.

Rotisserie Cooking

Unlike ovens, a rotisserie cooks and roasts meat without you having check on how its cooking or to continually baste. Rotisserie also give a unique flavour and has many different uses for the meat once cooked paninis, risottos and salads are to name just a few.

Food processors

If you are running a busy kitchen, then spending hours upon hours doing prep can be a real pain and waste of time and money. With a commercial food processor you can take some of the burden off by doing all your chopping, dicing and slicing with one of the many commercial food processors we have at EasyEquipment.


At EasyEquipment we have a comprehensive range of commercial stick blenders with different length sticks and different sized motors for speed and endurance, ideal for blending many things for instance soups, sauces, purees or milkshake. There is nothing you can’t blend with a blender from EasyEquipment.

Pots and pans etc.

Whilst all the electrical equipment is vitally important, the smaller items are fundamental in the smooth running of any commercial kitchen. Every kitchen needs items like pots, pans, knives, chopping boards and bowl etc. and we have it all in one convenient place.

The kitchen is a cook’s studio where they come up with creative works of arts in terms of taste, presentation, and variety. With the aid of the right equipment, the job is not only convenient and easy but fun as well.


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