The Polar G594 double door commercial refrigerator is a light duty to medium duty use cabinet for restaurants takeaway's and cafes.


The product is made in China under the brand name of Polar. It is manufactured from stainless steel exterior and an aluminium interior. It is supplied with six adjustable shelves, castors, lock for security, and a digital temperature controller for ease of use.


Overall this this refrigerator is good for use in establishments where the kitchen temperature is less than 32°C and where frequent opening and closing of the door is not required. From a price point it is very attractive and for most restaurants or takeaways it is easy to be seduced by the low price for a double door fridge. However a low price suggests low quality.


In terms of performance and durability this would rank very low compare to other double door fridges which use a different cooling technology.


The polar G594 fridge uses static cooling with a fan. This means that the walls of the inside of the refrigerator become cold and a small fan inside moves the air around. Although this in theory does work, you will note that frequent opening and closing of the doors means that warmer temperatures from outside come directly influence internal temperatures quickly and cause the refrigerator to keep low temperatures accurately and consistently. Another issue is that static cooling generally means that the outer edges of the inside of the cabinet will be generally cooler than the middle section creating "hot spots".  Food therefore can deteriorate quickly compare to a ventilated fridge. Regular manual defrosting of this cabinet will also be required since the walls wil always have an ice build up if being used at less than 2C.


A ventilated fridge such as the Bestfrost 2UR offers higher performance cooling as cold air is forced directly into the cabinet by a large fan. This insures that every corner and inside of the fridge is consistently cold even if the door is regularly opened.

So although a ventilated refrigerator may cost £200-£300 more than a static unit in the long term this pays for itself by keeping food fresher for longer. Some static units also cannot observe the temperature of -2°C which means that fresh meat cannot be stored inside. This is vitally important for most commercial premises serving food.


As an alternative to the polar G594 several products exist on the market. A suggestion would be to also consider the King KP1200 which is a direct equivalent to this product albeit with a slightly larger compressor and fan, and includes more shelves. Prices are similar.